Why has Bupa launched Picture of Health?

Health is as individual as the beat of your heart. To some, it means feeling good in body and mind. For others, it can mean a walk by the river, the freedom to be yourself, or reading a bedtime story together. At Bupa, we believe health is all of these things, and a million more.

We've launched Picture of Health to start a conversation about what health is, and what it can be. From strength and independence to energy and self-belief, these photos are just the beginning.

We want to celebrate health stories from around the world and encourage people to reflect on what health means to them.

Why did Bupa work with athletes for Picture of Health?

As an international healthcare company and the Official Healthcare Partner to the National Paralympic Committees in the UK, Spain, Australia, Poland, Chile and Mexico, we know that health is paramount to athlete performance and success.

From working with inspiring athletes, we know they have different health journeys and experiences. Picture of Health is shining a light on their individual health stories, and sparking the conversation, 'What does health mean to you?' around the world.

Why did Bupa choose Annie Leibovitz to capture the images?

We wanted to launch this campaign with a series of dynamic and striking photos that could inspire people to share their own individual Picture of Health.

World-renowned for capturing the stories of the people she photographs, Annie Leibovitz was the perfect photographer to help bring Picture of Health to life and showcase what health means for each of our six athletes.

Where were the photos of the athletes taken?

The photos of the athletes were taken in Paris in February 2024.

How did you select the athletes?

We worked with our local teams to select athletes with different backgrounds and experiences so that we could showcase a range of health stories.

Why does Bupa partner with Paralympic Associations?

Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world is what we’re about. We’ve brought this purpose to life through building a series of partnerships with National Paralympic teams in some of the countries we’re based in. We’re honoured that the National Paralympic Committees in Australia, Spain, Poland, Chile and the UK have chosen Bupa to be their Official Healthcare Partner. We are also one of the official sponsors of the Mexico Paralympic Committee. Bupa has a rich history of partnering with Paralympians. ​Our journey in supporting National Paralympic teams began in 2007 when Sanitas, the Bupa Group company that operates in Spain, became the Official Medical Provider for the Spanish Paralympic Committee. Since then, Bupa has gone on to work with Paralympians in Australia, Poland, Chile, Mexico and the UK, providing healthcare support to the teams and developing initiatives and programmes to encourage healthier, happier lives.

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